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Forward Sheridan takes an active approach to recruitment of target industries.

This is a brief outline of some recent information regarding possible trends and targets.

Provided by Dave Spencer – Wyoming Business Council April 2016.

Forward Sheridan, as directed in an investor focus group, identified niche/tech manufacturing, professional services, infrastructure and technology based businesses as complementary.  Our approach is to use a “team” effort with our existing businesses to leverage additional company interests.

Clearly and without a doubt our best “selling tool” is to have potential business owners and managers visit Sheridan.  This is a template of our method:

Vet the possible business

  • Type of years of business
  • Ownership of business
  • Decision Tree
  • Typical clients or customers
  • Transportation needs
  • Some review of financial performance

Determine Key Selling Points via conversation/interview.

  • Workforce needs – skilled, number, types of skills
  • Footprint – is the business inert or have processes that require special permits
  • Link to our educational resources – or can they match with our local Junior College
  • Quality of life and/or recreational options that are important
  • Timing
  • Other need

Recruitment  (vetting process identifies reasonable opportunity)

  • Face to face interaction with business at their location – this may include members of the EDTF and sometimes State of Wyoming business professionals.
  • Determine if site visit is possible
  • Site visit to Sheridan
    • Fly into Sheridan to demonstrate air service.
    • Tour/Meet “like” businesses – this is very valuable with niche manufacturing
    • Identify key items in their decision process ie. Transportation, connectivity, others
    • Convene some FS and EDTF business owners to discuss cost of business in Sheridan, WY – this is a very key step.
  • Review the information and the setting
    • Determine if this is a viable possibility
    • Evaluate business information needs and utilize the EDTF to provide this information.
    • Identify any incentives, key issues, or workforce needs.
  • Thank them for the interest has existed for three years, functioning as Wyoming’s commercial property database for economic development.  The system ties to the larger Zoomprospector system, used frequently by site selectors and real estate professionals when seeking properties.

A part of the system that has not been utilized until now is the Proposal Generator. This system will streamline the existing proposal gathering process of the WBC.  EDO’s and  communities will receive requests for proposals directly from the system.  Once they’ve received the request, they can click properties fitting the needs of the client, add relevant attachments, and submit the proposal to the WBC for presentation to the client.  The finished product will feature properties from individual communities equally, but will allow the addition of local information and attachments for differentiation.  All properties submitted will be automatically tied to the GIS capabilities of the system, including detailed demographic data and other statistics.

For further information please contact the Wyoming Business Council at 800-262-3425 or