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Taxes in Sheridan, Wyoming

Applicable Tax State County City
Corporate Income Tax No No No
Manufacturing Machinery No No No
Raw Materials & Goods in Process No No No
Inventory Tax No No No
Retail Sales Tax (6% total) (1% returns to local) 4% 1% Opt* 1%CF*
Personal Property Tax (Collected by County and redistributed between city and county) No Yes Yes
Intangible Property Tax No No No
School Utilities Tax No No No
Personal Income Tax No No No
Retirement Income From Other States No No No
Corporate Licensing (based on WY assets) Yes No No
Fuel/Highway Use Tax Yes No No
Payroll Tax (Local) No No No
Unemployment Insurance (Base Rate $14,700)

(Rated by Groups)

Yes No No
Worker Compensation

(Rates vary by occupation)

Yes No No
*County 1% Optional Sales Tax & City 1% Capital Facilities Tax
Real Estate Taxes in Sheridan County
  • Businesses looking to relocate can expect to pay a mill levy in the following ranges:
    • 63.5 in some areas of School District #2 and School District #3
    • 66.5 in most of rural Sheridan County
    • 71.5 mills in Clearmont and the City of Sheridan
    • 74.4 in Ranchester/Dayton.
    • All business/industrial zoning in Sheridan County is within incorporated cities/towns.
  • Mill levies support the following: state, county, city/incorporated towns, school districts, school district recreation, county weed & pest, library, hospital, fire districts, etc.
Assessed Valuation: Example:

(Commercial Property in Sheridan City Limits)

Commercial 9.5% of Market Value Commercial Property Market Value $100,000.00
Residential 9.5% of Market Value Assessed Valuation Rate

(9.5% Market Value)

X 9.5%
Agricultural 9.5% of Production Value Assessed Value of Property $9,500.00
Industrial 11.5% of Market Value Tax Rate (City of Sheridan)

(71.5 mills)

X .0715
Minerals 100% of Market Value Total Real Estate Tax

on this Property