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In 2015, the Sheridan’s Economic Development Task Force (EDTF) began the process to uncover something that was already here … the brand of Sheridan. Who is Sheridan? And how do we effectively communicate what Sheridan has to offer?

A/D Creative Group took a newly formed branding committee, representing a variety of organizations, businesses, viewpoints, ages, and experiences, through extraction sessions to find out: What makes Sheridan unique, who do we want to reach, trends that impact Sheridan travel and business, what Commissioners were playing a joke on her. We were finding out, with fresh “eyes” and senses, what we might take for granted about Sheridan but that we experience every day. In addition to the committee, over 50 people were interviewed, including business owners, travelers, college students, long-time residents, and new arrivals.

Here is what we found out:

  • Sheridan has natural, authentic qualities of its history and people.
  • It’s not about growth, skyscrapers, or development. It’s about a lifestyle built on historical values, community ethics, and people knowing people. Every connection becomes a friend and colleague in the city’s communal effort to enhance life and possibilities for residents.
  • In this community, you work to live … on your terms. People come to this community because of its diverse opportunities; they stay because they can achieve their own personal objectives.
  • It’s a feeling, a sense of clarity, a natural scent in the air that pushes out all the clutter, noise, and pollutions and replaces them with something fresh and pure.

Sheridan delivers NATURAL delight, authenticity, and consideration for each individual’s interests, desires, and values.

Sheridan has a lot to offer. So can you combine all that Sheridan has to offer into one new positioning statement? From all the extraction sessions and interviews, the variety of answers that came from those was almost overwhelming. Sheridan is Western and historic, yet modern in business practices and world class education, arts, and museums. Sheridan has mountains, plains, farming and ranching, but also world class golfing and polo. Sheridan is a great place to retire, but is also filled with young entrepreneurs. So, who is Sheridan?

Based on the extraction sessions and community feedback, the new position for the city is –

NATURALLY … meant both as an adjective describing the natural surroundings, the community personality, and outdoor activities, and as an adverb, as in “of course Sheridan.”

Sheridan is not just one thing, it’s much more! Sheridan is NATURALLY: Beautiful, Simple, Diverse, Western, Grown, Friendly, Brewed, Educated, Mountainous, Adventurous, Vibrant, Tough, Real….

Sheridan is: A cold drink of water, the taste you crave. Naturally warm and sweet lie good whiskey. Fresh and clean like a mountain spring. Sheridan satisfies and hydrates your senses with its unrefined, natural flavor. Immerse yourself in this pleasurable sensation, from the streets of downtown to the peaks of the Bighorn Mountains, and you’ll acquire a taste for our authentic flavor that keeps you coming back for more.

Logo Launch Event - Can You Feel It 05.21.15Sheridan is: A touch of the West. Can you feel it? Naturally rough and worn like a cattleman’s rope, yet soft and smooth like a well-worn saddle. Sheridan is history and craftsmanship mixed with a hint of denim and leather. A feeling you can’t escape, that yanks you back in time to a simple way of life when deals were done with a handshake and the gritty feel of rodeo dirt hugged you like a warm blanket. Embrace the natural sensation of Sheridan and all the rugged history and culture it has to offer.

Sheridan is: A breath of fresh air. Stop and smell the excitement. Sheridan’s lack of defining sense is a shock to our senses. The cool, fresh, and energizing aroma of a natural, unpolluted environment redefines what you know about relaxation. While the vibrant downtown and surprising nightlife adds a bouquet of spice and a whisper of romance. Sheridan lets you discover the unknown inside the familiar. Escape from busyness and inhale the natural comfort, wholesomeness, and excitement of life in this small town.

Logo Launch Event - Can You Hear It 05.21.15Opportunity knocks in Sheridan. Can you hear it? If quality had a voice, what would it sound like? What would it say when no one is around? In Sheridan, Wyoming, quality sounds like craftsmanship, industry, agriculture, and education. It’s the natural bawl of cattle, the hoof beats of running horses, and the chug of a nearby train. It’s the sound of bells on the doors of small businesses, cash registers ringing, and people laughing in the local bar. Quality is the voice of Sheridan, it’s bustling downtown, and it’s unfenced opportunities levitra mixed with a hint of denim and leather. An authentic sound of a city full of life, growth, and diversity. Sometimes we miss life by looking too far for things that are nearby. In a city where quality and authenticity speak as loudly as you or I, will you choose to listen?

This is Sheridan, Wyoming … Naturally.

Now for the icing on the cake. Taking all these ideas and forming them into a visual representation of Sheridan. Combining the modern sophistication of the city with its Western history, integrating the simply beauty of our natural surroundings with our progressive and modern lifestyle, we proudly present to you: