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In any given community, 80% of a local economy is changed by focus on existing business.  20% comes from growth through attraction of new business. This section of the website contains information for local businesses and prospective businesses to understand what is available to them to help their businesses grow in the Sheridan area and to continue to support an economy that grows faster than the population in the county.

Forward Sheridan achieves Economic Development growth through the following activities:

  • Local Business Retention and Expansion Activities — Forward Sheridan’s Board of Directors and staff are committed to responding to the needs expressed by local businesses by providing access to resources to enhance their growth and economic viability. Through one-on-one visits to our local businesses. Forward Sheridan staff are in touch on a grass roots level and are able to provide businesses with access to resources locally, regionally, or nationally to affect markets and facilitate business relationships.
  • Business Attraction Activities — In February 2007, Forward Sheridan contracted with Wadley-Donovan Group to conduct a Sheridan Target Industry Profile – Wadley-Donovan-Group. Again via a strategic session we reaffirmed our recruitment. This study provides guidance regarding industries and companies that are “good fit” industries for our communities. The This information, coupled with information obtained through Industry Cluster meetings, will help Forward Sheridan staff recruit businesses to the area that can grow and prosper in harmony with existing businesses in our area.
  • Target Industry Profiles and CTET Strategy Recommendation — In May 2014, Sheridan Economic and Education Development Authority (SEEDA) did a second phase of the Economic and Career Technical Education analysis and reviewed Target Sectors as identified in the 2007 Wadley-Donovan Report. Sector recommendations from this study were identified as Data Centers, Professional Services, Light Manufacturing, Healthcare, Creative Arts and Tourism & Recreation.


Forward Sheridan is:

  • Aware of economic drivers and needs to assist the community.
  • Attitude that is clearly pro-Sheridan as a visible location for a profitable and expanding business.
  • Active – Forward Sheridan continues to work proactively with the County and City.