//Sheridan Community Perspective for June 2019

Sheridan Community Perspective for June 2019

Forward Sheridan will be providing the Sheridan City Council a brief update of our activities on Monday July 1. Our board of directors welcomes these events to inform interested entities about our activities. Our constituency is Sheridan’s business community for the most part and Council activities and decisions can and do affect us. One Cent Tax money assists us with operational costs such as labor, physical plant, infrastructure, and travel. As an example, we used some City funds to expose two Sheridan Companies to tech related folks at the Governor’s business alliance. This is a direct link of funds to business opportunity.

Second, we utilize Mayor Roger Miller as an active member of our board. This provides a two-fold benefit: he gets a monthly update of tasks and issues, and he can converse with business leaders in a candid and productive forum. Councilmen have attended our board meetings from time to time. Our closing message will be our focus, as driven by the March Strategic Planning session. This is focused on business improvement for our existing businesses, and this is the track we follow. Sustainability and, if possible, growth of existing entities protect jobs, improves income streams, and introduces new and diverse markets to their revenue stream. We appreciate and look forward to the opportunity.

My Bighorns is a new mobile app authored and promoted by the Sheridan Press. The app is a great way to keep up to date on local businesses, opportunities, and events. We have it on our phones and use it regularly. This is a remarkable forward-thinking display that has a robust framework from an events calendar to featured businesses and locations. This was rolled out at the 20 under 40 award celebration last week. The app presents a comprehensive catalog of information and the open calendar option that allows organizations to both enter an event and quickly see what is happening on a date to reduce overall competition for event days. This is of high utility. It will be used by Forward Sheridan as we convene with visitors or other businesses. We can point to this as a quick snapshot. The content is getting populated rapidly. The key is an app that is dynamic so it can be focused for changing conditions. Give it a look. The Press website has an easy to use download key.

Economic development takes many forms. For FS, our first goal it is to keep and grow existing jobs. Second is always looking at the business environment to assure that is responsible and enabling. Third, economic development cannot be at the expense of what our community and landscape has so generously given us; it is a treasure. We need always to be encouraging and informative, a vital economic sector assures that social amenities are available and continue to be so over time.

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