//Sheridan Community Perspective for April 2019

Sheridan Community Perspective for April 2019

Governor Mark Gordon visited Sheridan to get a feel for our community economy. This was a great opportunity for some of our businesses to interact directly with the new Governor. Clearly the State of Wyoming has been very productive enabling infrastructure as well as buildings to aid our advanced manufacturing efforts. The diversity of our economic setting is an advantage which reduces the cycling from extractive markets. Local businesses Kennon Products, Vacutech, Emit, and Weatherby provide a quick snapshot of four distinct economic sectors. This coupled with the health care sector and emerging social media groups demonstrate that Sheridan has a balanced economic foundation. SEEDA’s projects at the Tech Park set a performance standard for meeting the mission of State Funded economic development. Gordon will be meeting with SEEDA on the 16th.

The “touch” of Sheridan was validated again this week. FS, with L&H, are attending an aerospace symposium in Colorado. Again the intention is simply to identify and explore new market opportunities that can utilize our existing skills. The result is new sources of income from new business partners for our existing businesses to sustain their entities over time. Aerospace is a significant sector for Colorado and our skills are needed for the prime contractors to stay on course. What was interesting to me was that during a couple of conversations – totally randomly – I came across three individuals from completely different companies that all had a touch of Sheridan. Two had and do come to Sheridan for the Snicker’s Soccer event (which by the way is anticipating over 140 teams) so that was a simple common conversation point. Another aerospace leader who is active in Wounded Warriors has been to Sheridan to hunt. Six degrees of separation is an over-estimate.

If someone’s life happens to bring them through Sheridan, we make a great impression. We are warm, friendly, and enjoyable. We just never want to lose this Western Hospitality.
We are going to utilize this welcoming environment late in April. FS will hosting a tour of regional businesses with a prime aerospace contractor. The process is merely to demonstrate our work capacity, capability, and services during on one on one visits.

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