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Lockheed Martin Visits Sheridan

Starting in November, FS established communication with Lockheed Martin Space. Lockheed is one of the prime contractors in Colorado and has stated demand to seek possible subcontractors to assist with their corporate mission. Lockheed came to Sheridan, Gillette, and Casper in April.

Our approach with Lockheed was three pronged. First, we needed Lockheed to articulate what they do and what types of things they need. Second, we wanted to learn how they work with subcontractors. Col. Joe Rice from Lockheed explained their mission and needs to a group of Sheridan business people and officials.

Third, we toured our companies to let them tell their story. Col J. Rice spoke with Jeff Garrelts of Craftco, Becky Cooper of Kennon, and Sara Spann from Sheridan College. Representative Mark Kinner listened and toured. Our Thanks to C-21 for the use of their conference room.

As part of the visit, actual site visits at Vacutech LLC, Kennon Products, and L&H enabled these businesses to communicate specific details about their operations. This site visit opportunity continued in Gillette and Casper. The goal was to show Wyoming companies to Lockheed Martin.

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