Lockheed Martin Visits Sheridan

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Starting in November, FS established communication with Lockheed Martin Space. Lockheed is one of the prime contractors in Colorado and has stated demand to seek possible subcontractors to assist with their corporate mission. Lockheed came to Sheridan, Gillette, and Casper in April. Our approach with Lockheed was three pronged. First, we needed [...]

Upcoming Aerospace and Wind Case Study

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Can Wyoming companies successfully compete for work in the Aerospace and Wind Sector?    Yes Forward Sheridan is providing a case study that showcases National Industrial companies that have used Wyoming companies for specific tasks.  To do this we are bringing them to Sheridan to interact with our businesses in an open conversation. Why look at [...]

Niche Manufacturing is growing rapidly

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During a recent survey of local business activities we document machining for vacuums, PLC Board construction for NOX emission control, and hard machining of yellow iron for mining and heavy construction equipment. The key factor is that these businesses have located in Sheridan to take advantage of our skilled "hands on" work force,  shipping locations [...]