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John Tucker, Keynote Speaker at Board Planning Session

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John Tucker was our keynote speaker at our August 31st planning session for Forward Sheridan.   As Vacutech, LLC has developed and grown in Sheridan County his vision regarding manufacturing as an industry sector was very insightful.   Mr. Tucker has several comments that were valuable for our board and guest to hear. #1 Vacutech LLC was [...]

TSA On Schedule to Return to Sheridan Airport

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The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), in conjunction with the Sheridan County Airport, intends to bring security service on line in Sheridan by mid-October 2016. This will enable Sheridan passengers to achieve security clearance upon departure in Sheridan versus arrival in Denver.

City of Sheridan to Use Hydro-Electric Generator to Produce Utility Power

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The City of Sheridan recently announced the incorporation of a small hydro-electric generator system on the community water line (SAWS) that will produce power for city operated utilities. The key issue is that this addition is a renewable power source to add to the diverse portfolio of energy that includes coal generation, wind and now directly [...]

Synchronist Database Aids in Business Retention and Expansion

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Successful economic development efforts have a number of components, but one of the most important is existing business retention and expansion. While new business prospects are exciting, most of a community's economic activity comes from keeping and helping existing businesses steadily grow. Recognizing this, partners in the Economic Development Taskforce are using tools to help to [...]

Air Service Connection With Riverton

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Commercial air service is a vital element to our business success.  Sheridan continues to weather the coal/oil downturn better than many other Wyoming Communities and our air service is part.  Effective July 1 - Sheridan will connect to Riverton, WY and Denver International Airport.  This connection will provide a larger pool of potential customers as well [...]

Forward Sheridan Brings FBI-Based InfraGard Training to Sheridan Region

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Forward Sheridan hosted a regional FBI lead InfraGard meeting in Sheridan in early May.  Presenting were content experts from the FBI Cybercrime Task Force and Department of Homeland Security.  A guest speaker, David Jemmett, spoke specifically to health care usa drugstore no prescription related cyber risks. Camerion Kukucka spoke about database security and management.  One [...]

Air Service Returning to Sheridan

By | 2017-01-24T14:44:48+00:00 November 17th, 2015|Air Service, Front Page News|

Fly Sheridan is stepping it up this holiday season.  Air Service is returning to Sheridan on November 19, 2015 with a new charter company, a new service schedule and new fares.  Visit www.flysheridan.com to book a flight or more information. The new air service partnership with Denver Air Connection is truly unique in the industry. [...]

Governor Mead and State Officials Visit Black Tooth Brewery

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On June 5, 2015 Governor Mead and Treasurer Gordon along with House Member Lummis and Senator Barasso made a short tour through Black Tooth Brewing in Sheridan. Black Tooth is running through the final stages of a massive upgrade in facility capacity - where they are moving from around 2500 bbls per year to 15,000 to [...]

Sheridan InfraGard Training

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  Sheridan InfraGard Training Date:             Wednesday, May 20, 2015 9:30AM – 2:15PM Location: Powder Horn Clubhouse 23 Country Ln Sheridan, Wyoming Agenda 9:30AM – 10:00AM     Registration/Networking 10:00AM – 10:30AM  Welcome Remarks – IDMA Director John Lipka and FBI ASAC Michael Rankin 10:10AM – 10:30AM  Wyoming State Treasurer Mark Gordon – Cyber Security 10:30AM – 11:30AM   [...]