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Forward Sheridan Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Updated 2015

Recruitment:    60% Allocation of Time/Resources:

  1. 2015 Strategic SessionMaintain an aggressive posture on recruitment of niche manufactures and technology
    • Use “relationship building” that directly benefits our existing pool of businesses by surveying their needs and conducting inter-personal meetings.
    • Develop and execute a nationwide recruitment strategy – Trade Shows and Business Associations for those Standard Industry Classification (NASIC) codes identified for our target industries.
    • Establish the benchmark for social media/business marketing for Wyoming and Sheridan.
    • Continue to build our statewide leadership role in community development presentations and strategy implementation. An example is the Economic Development Task Force (EDTF).
    • Maintain and update a “Road Map” of business resources available or leveraged by Forward Sheridan.
  2. Build Site Selector relationships and execute familiarization tours:
    • Develop and inventory “site selectors” for our targets industries.
    • Identifying and contacting Real Estate Site Selectors that work within our target industries. This is a database of commercial real estate contacts.
    • Establish a standard frequency of “Sheridan” updates to these site selectors.
    • Build “compare and contrast” data set to clearly identify strengths of Sheridan. Examples are:  workforce training, shovel ready, low power costs, available water, Wy Sheridan Works and RFP for power corridor and other attributes.
  3. Vetting Leads:
    • Respond to WEDA/State leads in the appropriate packages – with collaboration from the City of Sheridan, Sheridan County and Chamber of Commerce.
    • Local “leads” will be noted on the CEO’s monthly report. All leads will have at least an e-file with some record of type of business, interest and point of contact – that will be available to our investors and stakeholders.
  4. Develop an business inventory focused on Technology and Niche Manufacturing:
    • Inventory local, existing businesses within this industry code.
    • Develop catalogue of products and services provided.
    • Seek and identify “sister” or complementary businesses “like to like” via interviews.
    • Reach out using social media, direct contact or interviews for these sister businesses.
  5. Maintain and build State funding relationships – WEDA, buy synthroid europe, WBC, and Site Selectors:
    • Continue to provide written support for economic development grants submitted by City, County, SEEDA and other local Joint Power Boards.
    • Work with WBC staff on Rail, Business Recruitment, and Presentations.
    • Actively communicate with local WBC regional director, State and County to keep the lines of communication open and productive.
  6. Continue our advocacy of commercial air service and explore other transportation options to assure reliable services for business. Commercial air service is a key operating component for business expansion and aids in business recruitment efforts.
  7. Regional Natural Resource Industry – Coal Supply Chain, Gas/Oil:
    • Continue advocacy for rail transportation of commodities via our relationships with supply chain providers. This will be done by arranging and executing communications with WBC and Governor’s office.
    • Begin to explore the opportunities created by the emerging shale oil development that borders to the South and North by participating in energy related meetings, trade organizations and communication with Sheridan based energy companies.

Expansion and Retention of Existing Business:  30 % Allocation of Time/ Resources

  1. Infrastructure – Business Ready sites with emphasis on Power, Connectivity, Water/Sewer and Transportation:
    • Recruit, Describe, and Document Existing “site ready” conditions.
    • Continue definition of “sites” within the community – Airport Business Park, Sheridan Commercial Park, and other private landholdings. (Sheridan has the only shovel ready site).
  2. Groundwork/Distribution of materials:
    • Prepare and assist in standard site documentation package for use by stakeholders to “show” these sites to interested parties.
    • Promote recruitment access, visibility and community message via use and monitoring of social media. This includes revitalizing website, Facebook, blog and others.

Entrepreneur Early Stage Development:  10% Allocation of Time/ Resources

  1. Catalogue “knowledge based industry”:
    • Initiate a data base of current “knowledge based” individuals and companies to build a portfolio of resources. Update and provide board a summary semi- annually.
  2. Build Peer Think Tank – tech, broadband, InfraGard, etc.
    • Continue to host an annual Technology Centered Conference.
    • Establish “Tech Advisory Board” as a resource to investigate entrepreneur topics and technical needs (counselors).

Strategic Plan Outputs:

  1. Recruitment of selected industry types:
  2. Maintain productive relationship with the WBC via leads.
  3. Use existing business relationships to seek, identify, contact, and vet opportunities.
  4. Identify and participate in industry meetings, etc. around selected targets – At times seek methods to inform target industry contacts to visit Sheridan.
  5. Contact with existing investor business via written and direct interview:
    • Determine status of their needs and concerns and what can we assist – via business retention.
    • Establish communication with suppliers and associated companies of our known companies.
    • Provide clear message about ROI for their investment.
  6. Economic Development Task Force Leadership:
    • Identified business (expert) team for response to leads.
    • Catalogue of business properties and available resources.
    • Focused promotional materials in conjunction with Sheridan Travel and Tourism and Chamber of Commerce.
    • Introduction of new concepts, learning, and training opportunities.