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Sheridan County Airport Business Park – a Real HOT Spot for High-Performance Connectivity

Phase 1 of the Sheridan County Airport Business Park is the initial phase and was completed in 2008. It consists of approximately 28 acres which are divided into 24 lots as shown on Exhibit A. Phase II and Phase III of the SCA Business Park consists of approximately 25 acres each.  This acreage offers the opportunity to develop in a manner that fits the business.

Currently there are six tenants in Phase 1 of the SCA Business Park that hold leases to a total of fifteen lots. The SCA Business Park addresses the need for affordable building sites for businesses wishing to expand or relocate their businesses near the airport and helps support the efforts of the local community to market the area to prospective or expanding businesses. The SCA Business Park provides ready to build sites complete with paved streets, curb and gutters, storm water drainage, ample water, sanitary sewer, power, gas, phone, cable and broadband service, and access to Sheridan’s citywide walking paths. In addition UPS and FedEx facilities are located on site at the airport.

Sheridan County Airport is located approximately 2 miles southwest of Sheridan’s central business district and boasts unparalleled views of the Big Horn Mountains. The SCA Business Park is located on the east side of the airport entirely within the boundaries of the airport. With the nearest I-90 interstate interchange only 11/2 miles away transportation access to the business park is a breeze.

The Sheridan County Airport is zoned as “Airport Zone” which allows for a mixed use of normal industrial activities found at an airport as well as a mix of commercial and agricultural uses. The SCA Business Park was developed in conjunction with the current Airport Master Plan and is consistent with the Airport Layout Plan Update completed in March 2007. The 2015 Master Plan is focused on the total aviation facility and its environs, specific emphasis has been placed on the terminal areas and building.

  • Corporate, professional and government offices
  • Research and development facilities
  • Light manufacturing and component assembly plants
  • Hangar/office complexes for corporate aircraft
  • Conducive for meeting energy industry demands
  • Small data centers

The City and environs are currently provided with power from a regional grid over Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) and Montana Dakota Utilities (MDU) 230kV Transmission Lines (Regulated by the Western Area Power Authority – WAPA). This grid provides power via a major substation (Sheridan PP&L Sub) located just North East of I-90 and 5th Street and is comprised of at least 3 looped feeds tied into numerous power plants developing over 2,000MW of power. This network provides a substantial level of reliability.

The SCA Business Park is served by a 2” polyethylene gas main in Brundage Lane.  From Brundage it follows Aviation Drive, then is looped throughout Phase I on Aero Loop. The distribution pressure is 55 PSI and the proposed site is served from a border station approximately 9,500 ft. away.  MDU would be able to provide 8 to 10 mcf per hour to the existing pipeline within the SCA Business Park.

Water Service & Supply The primary water source is through a 12” high-pressure water main connected to an existing 20” high-pressure treated transmission line serving the Little Goose Valley. This 12” high-pressure main runs the length of Aviation Drive and loops back through Short Road and reconnects into the 20” high-pressure transmission line giving the SCA Business Park a redundancy in the system. Aero Loop and Hangar Avenue are then supplied with 8” high pressure mains connecting to the 12” high-pressure main running along Aviation Drive. Nominal pressure in the system runs around 100 psi.

Water Treatment & Sewer Capacity The Sheridan Wastewater Treatment Facility has a design and permitted capacity of 4.4 MGD; however, it is capable of continually treating up to 7.0 MGD.  The average day demands on the WWTF are 2.3 MGD leaving an available capacity of 2.1 MGD of which .1 MGD has been allocated.   Sewer is provided by an 8” sewer main designed to handle normal light and/or commercial  demands.

The SCA Business Park has several providers for phone and other telecommunication services. Qwest has infrastructure installed throughout to provide phone and DSL internet. Charter has infrastructure installed throughout the business park and can provide digital tv, digital phone and high speed internet. ACT has installed fiber optics. This phase of the fiber optic build out by ACT installed a fiber ring around the Sheridan Airport Business Park to provide redundancy and 24/7 support and reliability for its customers.

  • Sonet Services: DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, Oc-12 and OC-48 Wavelength: lGbs, 2.5Gbs, and l OGbs
  • Ethernet over fiber, sonet and DWDM: 10/100 Ethernet, GigE and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Diverse Access Options: CFA to regional ILEC/CLEC providers
  • Dark Fiber Lease Agreements Dedicated Internet Service
  • Enhanced Service Level Agreements 24/7 Support and Monitoring
  • Pre-configured Router and other CPE Available Phone Systems