//Welcome to the Data Center World Conference!

Welcome to the Data Center World Conference!


Arriving at Data Center World shortly after 11 am this morning, the expedition from Sheridan to Orlando, Florida has been a success! After leaving behind the cool autumn air of Wyoming first thing this morning, Mayor Dave Kinskey and Vice Council Alex Lee are on the ground in the Sunshine State – with their Levi’s and collared shirts proudly on display in a sea of shorts and sundresses; and looking forward to the start of a great show. Stay posted for more updates from the Data Center World Conference in Orlando, FL.

Update: 9:45 am MST Sunday, September 29th. Here we are on the first full-day of Data Center World, and after a team gathering at around 8:30 this morning to discuss our strategy and refine our meeting schedule, we’re ready to embrace the energy of the show! There’s an excitement in the room as other attendees and visitors are eager to get going, and with the weather hovering somewhere in the high 70’s with a noticeable level of Florida humidity, and we’re ready to get the show underway!

Update: 11:45 am MST Sunday, September 29th. We’re making our way down to the show floor to put some last-minute polish on the booth and get ready for the inaugural meet & greet reception. We’re feeling good about the look and feel of our booth, the first-class materials we have to share with this audience, and about the prospects of this exciting show. Our strategy is in-place; and like the other exhibitors, we’re ready to get our message out there! We’re finding that just a couple days in Florida will deepen the appreciation we have for Sheridan’s conducive climate – averaging 63.2 degrees mean ambient temperature year-round compared to the humid 80’s of Orlando serves to reinforce the advantage of a drier, more consistent climate.

Sheridan, Wyoming Mayor Dave Kinskey speaking with Chuck Hobart at Data Center World.

Sheridan, Wyoming Mayor Dave Kinskey speaking with Chuck Hobart at Data Center World.


Update: 10:40 am MST Monday, September 30th. The energy has really ramped-up at Data Center World now that the show is in full-swing! From walking the show floor and visiting with attendees and exhibitors, we’ve come to realize that Sheridan is one of only a handful of communities from around the country that has a dedicated presence at this show and is aggressively promoting the benefits of our community to this audience. We’ve already had some incredible conversations with individuals interested in a location that will insulate their business from human and weather-related impacts, and it’s becoming obvious from their feedback that Sheridan presents an excellent solution. We’re talking to them about our $.05 power, looped transition lines, and how this premier Wyoming community has consistent & reliable 100mW unused capacity available. It’s enlightening to say the least, and talk of our consistent, year-round average ambient temperature is a nice reprieve from the 90 + degree temps outside!

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