//Sheridan Community Perspective for March 2018

Sheridan Community Perspective for March 2018

On April 26, Forward Sheridan will convene our 7th Tech Summit/Conference to be held at the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Public Meeting room downtown.   This conference will bring experts and “on the ground” users together in an informal meeting to discuss IT security/Grid Security and Block Chain technology.     What is positive about these topics – all were driven by our investor input to find an efficient and productive setting to communicate about these topics.

Jim Spracklen, a former Sheridan resident, will be our keynote speaker.  Jim currently works for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and services as the Program Manager for Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection – a significant responsibility to protect the US.    Jim will be able to share some of his experiences regarding the status of the world and some of the threats – this is very relevant as one views the current  tension around the exchange of embassy staff between the US and Russia.  Jim will address the strength and challenges of powering America.

Bitcoin/Block Chain technology is rapidly emerging as a point of conversation as a potential world currency and transaction vehicle.   FS was fortunate to get Matt Kaufman from Cheyenne who provided the consultation to our legislative team this year as it worked to get some method to understand this technology.  FS has several board and investors that have driven this topic – so we listened and are working to bring an understanding.   Mike Wandler, CEO of L&H, will bring the opening remarks as their company works around the globe and is working to understand this technology.

To add to the content,   Josh Law from Flood Marketing as put together a working group of individuals that are neck deep in bitcoin/block chain content.   FS reached out to local tech folks and asked… do you know anything about bitcoin/block chain and quickly a host of folks came forward.  Spencer Kuzara has been in the bitcoin world for over 5 years and he will speak to his experience.   We will have the complete team on our facebook page soon.

How does this fit?  FS likes to be ahead of the curve.  Cyber security as a topic was introduced to the state by FS and FBI,  looks like bitcoin and block chain are rapidly moving into the forefront.   Our investors drove the topic and we listened and responded by providing a venue for the topic.   These meetings are at no cost, however we are limited to number of folks so please email or contact Jay Stender at jay@forwardsheridan.com

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