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Project Description

Kennon Products

Kennon Products uses technical fabrics and materials to introduce innovative products to the aviation industry – and beyond. Kennon’s covering solutions are designed by a highly qualified and skilled engineering team.

Kennon is the recipient of several SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grants from the United States Department of Defense and is in the process of commercializing more than one products of their research.

These projects include developing new acoustic and thermal insulation systems for military aircraft, a new clamp to replace the bonded click stud, lighter more efficient life rafts and ocean survival equipment to protect our aviators as well as innovations to stop bullets and fragments from injuring our troops.

Kennon is often called on to develop custom solutions to protect assets from unique hazards such as flying gravel, dust storms, road hazards, buffeting winds, freezing rain, etc., and to protect items that, because of their size and shape, can’t be crated, boxed or covered with an ordinary tarp.

Besides aircraft, high value assets may include water and land craft, scientific and mechanical equipment, armaments support equipment, etc. which are deployed to harsh environments, or one-of-a-kind, odd shaped, or odd-sized objects.

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