//Governor Mead and State Officials Visit Black Tooth Brewery

Governor Mead and State Officials Visit Black Tooth Brewery

On June 5, 2015 Governor Mead and Treasurer Gordon along with House Member Lummis and Senator Barasso made a short tour through Black Tooth Brewing in Sheridan. Black Tooth is running through the final stages of a massive upgrade in facility capacity – where they are moving from around 2500 bbls per year to 15,000 to meet market demand.

Sheridan recognizes that the quality of our community depends on diverse economic sectors – Craft Brewing is growing regionally and nationally. Equally so, the addition of high caliber brewing capacity works as a both a local draw and as a stopping point for tourists – thus complementing our efforts as a destination.

It is important to understand that State and Federal elected leaders are accessible and enjoy Sheridan.

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