//Business Recruitment Effort

Business Recruitment Effort

Forward Sheridan, Chamber of Commerce, City of Sheridan and Sheridan County have been in an active process since February  to document the “community” information related to business recruitment.  The emphasis has been to present a cohesive, comprehensive, and convincing picture of the benefits of Sheridan to expanding businesses and potential relocation candidates.    This effort has three distinct benefits.  The first, as a source of property information for incorporation into the newly developed Wyoming Business Council website that is being marketed as a state wide source of properties to be used in State level site recruiters.   The encouraging aspect is that the State (WBC) has invested time and money to make the interactive website useable for this function.  FS and the Chamber are updating our websites to effectively present a cohesive message and complementary information.  As many of you recognize the State of Wyoming, via grants to the City and County, have a financial interest in assisting our community with presenting properties and recruitment.

Secondly, this collaboration effort, has opened levels of communication between several of the parties.  As an example, if Forward Sheridan receives a “lead” of a company considering relocation or has interest in expansion our approach is very clear.   If properties, commercial, are needed, we provided the “lead” information to the local real estate businesses.  If business related information is needed, Forward Sheridan can acquire information related to City rules,  WBC opportunities, as well as Chamber information and follow up.  Sheridan College and the School Districts have been called into assist when needed.  More importantly, if the candidate company has specific industry needs, FS can utilize our board, our investors, as well as the chamber to interact with the clients.  Retail business can and are directed to the Chamber for their assistance. This direct contact with local business leaders is the BEST and MOST effective communication for potential clients.   FS is fortunate to have a willing “business” board that extends their time and efforts when asked.

Third benefit is to have a continued proactive approach to any business development, growth or recruitment effort from a variety of aspects.  Currently, FS in a subordinate role, is working with the City and others on an expansion and a relocation effort for two businesses.  The key is to effectively and honestly present the Sheridan as an open, encouraging community.

The summation of this effort will result in an overall description of some properties in the community for easy access to site selectors.  Local real estate representatives are critical for the fidelity and accuracy of this information.  Utility infrastructure provides are asked to provide their information to result in a complete and open template of Sheridan property, City and County Gov’t, and most importantly the community values and opportunities.

For information about the process,  contact me or Mayor Dave Kinskey as to the direction of this effort.

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