//Air Service Connection With Riverton

Air Service Connection With Riverton

Commercial air service is a vital element to our business success.  Sheridan continues to weather the coal/oil downturn better than many other Wyoming Communities and our air service is part.  Effective July 1 – Sheridan will connect to Riverton, WY and Denver International Airport.  This connection will provide a larger pool of potential customers as well as reduce the revenue assurance burden by each community.

Sheridan’s Critical Air Service Taskforce has made some organizational changes that reflect the operations.  Shawn Parker from Sheridan Travel & Tourism has taken over the lead as Chairman – we welcome his expertise.  Bruce Garber, who led the charge from the get-go, is now going to focus on private fund raising and telling the message to our community.  Renee Obermueller, at Sheridan County, is going to work as the administrator provigil online to manage the State and Federal funds and the relationship with the City of Riverton.

On August 26th, we will celebrate our 1000th flight by Denver Air Connection into Sheridan. Currently, DAC is operating on a 95-percent on-time performance standard – the second best on-time record in the US.

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