//Aerospace/Wind Case Study Press Release

Aerospace/Wind Case Study Press Release

Key Facts:

Wyoming companies have and are competing in the aerospace/wind market for subcontracting jobs and growth.  At our doorstep Colorado and Utah are the 2nd and 4th largest aerospace states. This event will showcase Wyoming companies using a “case study” framework to describe the process and success.  Examples include the L&H Industrial/Vencore Shuttle Project and Vacutech LLC with Vesta (a wind blade manufacturer).

These technical projects often require some technical assistance to complete the job.  Professor Jonathon Naughton, Professor of the Wind Energy Research Center, at the University of Wyoming will briefly touch on some of the services he and his group have provided to Wyoming companies.

Thirdly, Kennon Products recently received a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract for services in Sheridan.  This is another example of Wyoming and the Federal Government funding reaching a contract for services.  Kelly Haigler Cornish, SBIR Program Manager will highlight the process.

The goal is simply to outline the “success” Wyoming companies have accomplished and to open the opportunity to other niche manufacturers, technical software authors, and others interested in the business ventures.

There is no cost to attend however seating is limited.  For additional information please contact Zoila Perry at zoila@forwardsheridan.com or visit our Facebook page.

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