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Sheridan, Wyoming

Sheridan is a safe “western” community.  Our amenities are rich with award winning education, complete healthcare and senior care capabilities and an active creative art culture.  These factors blend in a warm engaging framework that welcomes and supports all. Economically we enjoy one of the most diverse and therefore resilient economies within the region and a strong portion of community philanthropy.  Come work where you want to live.

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Upcoming Aerospace and Wind Case Study

October 13th, 2017|Comments Off on Upcoming Aerospace and Wind Case Study

Can Wyoming companies successfully compete for work in the Aerospace and Wind Sector?    Yes Forward Sheridan is providing a case study that showcases National Industrial companies that have used Wyoming companies for specific tasks.  To do this we are bringing them to Sheridan to interact with our businesses in an open conversation. Why look at Aerospace and Wind? Neighboring states Colorado and Utah are the #2 and #4 largest aerospace states and both border Wyoming.  In addition, large federal aerospace contracts have specific small business set aside quotas that can favor Wyoming companies.  Wind is expected to capitalize greater than $8.5 Billion in Wyoming by 2021.  Wyoming companies can do some of this work. Are there technical obstacles that need to be addressed? Yes, these industries are sticklers for documentation and certifications.  Some Wyoming manufactures are working toward these with the assistance of University of Wyoming.  This meeting will clearly provide our [...]

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Meet Array, School of Technology and Design

Come and meet Array, School of Technology and Design.  Array is Wyoming’s first private accelerated technology and design school located in downtown Cheyenne. Array offers […]

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