Sheridan, Wyoming

Sheridan is a safe “western” community.  Our amenities are rich with award winning education, complete healthcare and senior care capabilities and an active creative art culture.  These factors blend in a warm engaging framework that welcomes and supports all. Economically we enjoy one of the most diverse and therefore resilient economies within the region and a strong portion of community philanthropy.  Come work where you want to live.

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Gigabit Internet Service in Sheridan

September 28th, 2016|Comments Off on Gigabit Internet Service in Sheridan

Advanced Communications Technology, Inc. (ACT) fiber optic business customers will have access to a full gigabit (1,000 Mbps) network, which will feature internet speed over 15 times faster than what has been traditionally available in Sheridan.  With gigabit connectivity, customers have the ability to download a 500 MB file in less than five seconds enabling business to focus on what they do best, adding to their overall bottom line. ACT is a full-service communication provider offering a full suite of state-of-the art services that include fiber optic broadband internet, transport services, dark fiber leases, and next generation voice solutions. For more information about ACT and their services, please visit

John Tucker, Keynote Speaker at Board Planning Session

John Tucker was our keynote speaker at our August 31st planning session for Forward Sheridan.   As Vacutech, LLC has developed and grown in Sheridan County […]

TSA On Schedule to Return to Sheridan Airport

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), in conjunction with the Sheridan County Airport, intends to bring security service on line in Sheridan by mid-October 2016. This […]

City of Sheridan to Use Hydro-Electric Generator to Produce Utility Power

The City of Sheridan recently announced the incorporation of a small hydro-electric generator system on the community water line (SAWS) that will produce power for […]

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