Sheridan, Wyoming

Sheridan is a safe “western” community.  Our amenities are rich with award winning education, complete healthcare and senior care capabilities and an active creative art culture.  These factors blend in a warm engaging framework that welcomes and supports all. Economically we enjoy one of the most diverse and therefore resilient economies within the region and a strong portion of community philanthropy.  Come work where you want to live.

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Site Selection State of the State

February 21st, 2017|Comments Off on Site Selection State of the State

GLD Partners Report

GLD Partners Adam Wasserman and Lois Yates visited Sheridan in November.  Click here to see the full summary and recommendations from their visit to […]

GLD Partners Site Selector Visit

Adam Wasserman and Lois Yates from GLD Partners are touring Sheridan this week.  The two site selectors will be headed to North Main where they […]

Denver Air Connection Gate Information

Fly Sheridan passengers – Denver Air Connection has a new gate location.  New gate is A-56, it is much closer and has a covered walk-way.

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